i love when sebstan is in the middle of giving an answer and then he realizes how that answer sounds but it’s too late to back out so he finishes and then there’s those couple seconds of disbelief on his face that says “what the fuck did i just say”

Anonymous asked: I just absolutely love your meta on steve and the songlists you have been doing! So excellent!!!!! Do you have any suggestions on finding fics that are actually steve and not the dumb naive person most people write him as? Or favorite authors? Much much much appreciated!!!


You and a couple other people have asked me this so this is to answer all! 

All my recs are posted in this tag. You can find my super huge Steve Rogers recs listed here and here. I also read and save frequently at my AO3 bookmarks if I haven’t gotten around to reccing it yet. If it’s saved here, it’s because I loved it. I haven’t read a lot of fic lately, I’m kind of saving up and then I’ll post another much longer reclist. There’s tons of good stuff out there that I might not have read yet or recced yet, but this is a good starting point IMO. You can also check out philcoulson's recs here. I trust her taste as well.

Hope this helps!

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